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Curacao, in the Dutch Antilles

The ups and downs of the history have caused that places distant and very different from the habitual postal that they are known Holland are part of their territory. Along with other islands, like St-Eustatius and Saba, the island of Curacao, in the Antilles, it is considered component of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

And, being thus, because not to speak of her.

Located to about 55 kilometers of the coast of Venezuela, Curacao is one of the most outstanding islands pertaining to Holland. As much it is thus, that when the ABC of the Dutch islands of the Caribbean is mentioned, this means: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Without doubts, it is a destiny that cannot lack in the suitcase whoever to know this region.

The attractiveness of Curacao includes the luxurious casinos next to the beach, the low prices because the sale is duty free, and the rich culture of their local inhabitants. Also, of course, it is to emphasize the ample supply in the matter of aquatic sports, that every year congregates to multitudes of visitors.

If there is something to emphasize of Curacao that it is his variety in proposals of hotels. Resorts of luxury as bath as much economic extends throughout the coast and allows that people with very diverse budgets can settle and know the wonders this island.

Besides sun, sand and great commercial centers, Curacao are very beautiful in terms of architecture. The colonial Dutch style early has left in island one of the most wonderful and appreciated samples.

It is worth the pain also to move away a little the capital city, Willemstad, to enter itself in the territories that begin to delineate themselves to kilometers of there. And it is that it is surprising that, near that one paradise of vegetation, exists barren earth with cactus and typical species of the desert.

Photo Via: Crusader Travel

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