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Center Jheronimus Bosch

The city of' s-Hertogenbosch is in the province of Northern Brabant, to the south of the Netherlands. It is home of the Artistic Center Jheronimus Bosch, dedicated to the world of the mythological animal, the monsters and the fantastic creatures.

Jheronimus Bosch was born in this city in 1450. Inhabitant of a tragic time for his native town, the artist lived the times in which the plague decimated Europe and, in 1463, was witness of a fire that destroyed almost completely to Give Bosch (another one of the names with which it knows itself the city).

It is probable that these events marked the work of the artist, who shapes with crudity the fears and the horror that had to be present at. The fantastic style was its fundamental characteristic, and its work happened to history for being of a radical resistance with respect to the art of its contemporaries, of strong realistic inclinations.

The Artistic Center that takes its name works inside one old church and in its buildings Annexes, ideal scenes to provide an ecclesiastical and austere frame to the work with Bosch. The talent and the innovation exerted by him in their field are object of admiration for a diverse public, who does not distinguish ages nor degrees of specialization in the matter of art.

An enigmatic air exhibition includes the best works, carried out by demons, beings information, monsters and wonderful creatures who seem to summon up life in a pregnant atmosphere by the vision of Bosch.

In the theater that comprises of the complex, an audio-visual guide reproduces that allows to include/understand thorough the life and the personality of the personage that gave rise to the center, and to internalize in the visual language del that was pioneering.

The visit is doubly attractive if we consider that, through elevating transparency that takes to the floors superiors to us, we can observe part of the medieval city that survived, and the later development that generated its reconstruction. These views are an historical testimony of the years in which Jheronimus Bosch lived.

Photo Via: Panoramio

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