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Moyland castle

United we stand, divided we fall. That has thought different regional organisms ordered of the tourist promotion as much about Holland as in Germany. These states share a border outlined by that old European river that we called Rhin. Now, the campaign Cool Breaks tries to galvanize the region being given it to know in some countries of the continent. Among them, Spain.

Because the zone of the Low Rhin, that thus is as is known it, incomprehensibly was becoming an ugly species of patito of the tourist destinies in Holland and Germany. The Low Rhin includes part of the medioriental territory of first, with cities like Arnhem, Nijmegen, Report to Bosch… as well as most western of Germany (Niederrhein), there where localities like Xanten, Neuss or Duisburg are located.

The best thing of to each waits for us house in green surroundings, fertilized through the seeds of as much history. Castles and luxurious mansions follow one another, sheltering interesting collections of art sometimes. Among first it is possible to emphasize the neogothic castle of Moyland, in Bedburg-Hau, that also welcomes an animated Christmas swap-meet in these indicated dates.

In the shores of the Rhin are the ruins of one of the more important Roman colonies of the north of the Empire. There, in the locality of Xanten, a thematic park has been created, simultaneously archaeological museum that, thanks to the rescued or recovered rest, narrates the life and the daily tasks of a Roman city of almost two thousand years ago.

But, without being inferior the rest of the varied and attractive cultural supply that the Low Rhin reserves to us, the best option is perhaps the activities that allow us to enjoy tame and always beautiful a satately nature, per moments.

Then not only Holland has a special love by the displacements in bicycle. Also the Germans take care of with mimo the routes and tracks dedicated to the medical instructors of that healthy sport. In addition, geography, especially flat, even serves as incentive until for most exaggerated to the sluggish ones.

Or if no, golf is another possibility. There are numerous fields, although a little forgotten, in localities like Wessel, Kleve or Duisburg (Germany), or Nijmegen and Arnhem (Holland). For that they like outdoors of strolls, the senderismo of the Low Rhin offers calm routes and without too much difficulty. And if ours it is to enjoy in a water atmosphere, the aquatic sports at the disposal of the tourist or the cruises in boat by the Rhin will not defraud to us.

Really, a destiny very promising plenty of opportunities for the leisure. In addition, the campaign Cool Breaks accompanies by an involution to flights low COST towards some Dutch and German cities, thanks to an agreement of collaboration with a company of low very well-known cost (Ryanair). This way, several Spanish airports supply reporting lines with the region. Definitively, if in addition you find good supplies of hotels, there are excuses no not to visit the Low Rhin.

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