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As it happens in the majority of the countries of the world, the Nochevieja in Holland is lived in family, the heat of the home and with good company. When they give the twelve, one offers and then yes, the celebrations that hope across of the door turn more into the concurred events.

Infaltables protagonists oilebollen are them, a traditional candy Dutch, delicious and simple to prepare. Of course, champagne also will be present accompanying the night. Pubs, clubs nocturnes and other premises of this type remain open until highest hours of the dawn, especially in the great cities (already it is known, in the main Dutch large cities, the night not to duer to me).

When being born the new year the sky will be illuminated of fireworks ignited by the same families of Holland. One is an extremely ingrained custom in Holland, and since its use is not prohibited, yes campaigns can be seen every year coming up about the dangers of their bad implementation.

Tracas, firecrackers and feelers are some of the most common elements, and is habitual that in each occasion, the Dutch reporters inform, during the first day of new the increasing number of consultations in hospitals and clinics by hurt and burns.

In some towns or cities, the competition for being the hacedores of most beautiful fires do of the first hours of a little while impressive in sky and noisy and extremely sometimes dangerous year in the Earth. The preoccupation by this situation in Holland does not stop, whereas the preventive campaigns increase and the controls on the pyrotechnics are made hope.

To judge traditions is especially something complex, considering the spirit liberal who characterizes to Holland, but the ingrained customs related to these luminous spectacles would have to be led back so that its handling is into the hands of experts, and all can enjoy a safe and pleasant event.

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