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You have thought to rent a car in Holland and want to know which are the inconvenient advantages and.

Nonpreocuparos, to tell the truth he has many more advantages than another thing. Mainly because to lead in Holland he is simple, very similar to any other place, mainly in the freeways and railcars, signalized very well. In addition, to the being a small country, we will have to cross short distances to arrive from a place at another one.

Another thing is or maternal with the car in the great cities, where the traffic is intense, and where, or you will realize, have priority, almost always, the bicycles. The Dutch conductors are very very respectful with the drivers of bicycles, sometimes until limits that would not be seen elsewhere.

In order to rent a car in Holland there is no problem, because the main international companies work, especially in the Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam, and in the great cities like Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, the Maastricht, etc… The prices can go up to around the 60 Euros per day, and the 75 Euros the complete weekend, including insurance and re-fuellings.

The minimum age to lead in Holland is the 18 years. The speed limits are the following:

· 120 kilometers hour for the freeways
· 100 kilometers hour in freeway sections that pass near towns or cities
· 50 kilometers urban hour in cities and zones
· 80 kilometers hour in the outskirts of the towns and cities

It is necessary to be careful, as we said to you before, with the drivers of bicycles. Sure, whenever the own cyclists fulfill the circulation norms, since there are some, taking advantage of the preference that they have, make maneuvers that are not correct. Of all ways, it is not for anything dangerous a car rental in Holland.

If you can, in any office of tourism of any Dutch city you have the possibility of haceros with a road map. Even, in any bookstore of Spain the publishing company Michelín has drop-down maps of Holland. They are numbers 210 and 211.

Of all ways, it is this that the highways and freeways of Holland are very similar to those of any European country. To lead is not nothing complicated, and the all the places, mainly most important, perfectly are signalized.

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