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 Marshall museum

If we make a little history, Holland was one of the countries more hard punished by aconteceres of World War II. The towns and cities are many that remember those terrible episodes. Without going more far there is a small city, Overloon, of which was only still on a house after the tank battle that took place in her in the autumn of 1944 during three weeks.

That one battle was tremendous, ferocious, as much with the tanks as hand-to-hand with guns, machine guns and bayonets. Peculiarly, in the middle of that one panorama of destruction it was abrió to the public, in May of 1946, the Museum of the Dutch National Resistance.

Batalla de Overloon took place between the 26 of September and the 18 of October of 1944. In her they took part a division from tanks German and 7ª Armor division of the American Army. The truth that the allies underestimated to the size and the enemy group of forces, reason why the British had to send two divisions to more be able to repel the Germans.

There they died more than 2,500 soldiers and hundreds of civilians, as much resident in Overloon as in the near Venray. In their honor two museums rose in the zone, already mentioned Museum of the Dutch National Resistance, and the Marshall Museum, located in Liberty Park, to about thirty kilometers to the south of Nijmegen.

The Marshall Museum lodges one of the greatest and better collections of Europe of military vehicles, airplanes and boats. Besides materials of World War II, this museum also counts on objects and others of the Cold War.

The Museum of the Dutch National Resistance includes an important variety of subjects. There you will see the ascent the power of Adolf Hitler, D-day and exhibitions on the Holocausto. Perhaps the best thing is the interactive exhibition that simulates an aerial bombing at night.

- Additional Information

· Schedules: The Museum of the Dutch National Resistance abre every day of the year, except in the celebrations of Christmas and New Year. Of September to June it abre of 10,00 to 17,00 hours, and in July and August until the 18,00 hours. The visit usually lasts three hour and a half. The Marshall Museum, on the other hand, abre of Wednesday to Saturday of 10,00 to 16,00 hours, and 11,00 to 16,00 hours Sundays.
· Prices: The entrance to the Museum of the National Resistance Dutch hill twelve Euros for the adults, 10.50 Euros for the majors of 65 years and eight Euros for the children between 4 and 12 years. In order to enter the Marshall Museum the prices they are 6 Euros for the adults, 5 Euros for military, disabled and young veterans between 5 and 15 years, and free for the minors of 5 years.

    - How to arrive

    Overloon is to the south-east of Holland, between the cities of Venlo and Nijmegen, in a-73 highway

    Photo Via Joost J.Baker

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