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The young person of the Rep it, Vermeer

Here we are again, friendly. And we returned of the best possible way and to the great thing. Although you remember that by greatness we do not understand size, number, magnitude, but category, intensity, art.
The Vermeer Young person, therefore is called the exhibition reason for our interest.

Explained what, we happened to when: from the 12 of May to the 23 of August, and where: in the Mauritshuis, The Hague. The most important lack, why. For it you pay attention.

Dutch painting of the XVII: all we know what means this expression For example, means Johannes Vermeer, painter whom if seemed to take itself very in serious the proverb from the good thing, brief… and as soon as it bequeathed 30 works to us (picture arrives, picture down). But what works.

The vermeeriana experience of the colors and its treatment of the light always have affected to us. As well as those solitary feminine figures that, in the middle of simple, idiot, common actions (to read, to sew, to speak, to watch), extend the daily thing with mysterious gentleness.

From the merely formal scope in Vermeer there is a cromatismo of porcelain, one secured clearness in the objects, a sensible presence (it is worth the redundancy, or oxímoron, of the expression) full of enchantment. But within the plane of the meaning, which is dream, evocation, as visible signs of a latent desire.

Fijaos: they are the five works that compose this exhibition. Five pictures! you will exclaim. It is not worth the trouble… I respond to You: first, it is not pain absolutely, but joy, immense joy. Secondly: yes that deserves the benefit. After all, five pictures almost represent the sixth part of all the well-known work of Vermeer.

One is: Morning call and its companions, Christ in the house of Marta and Maria, the Procuress. Properly, those are these three pictures that belong to the Vermeer young person. As it is possible to be observed already by the same title of two of them, the painting of the Vermeer young person was, even by its thematic (mythology, Bible), well diverse one of whom him it made famous (basically from end of the XIX).

The other two paintings that complete the exhibition are Vista de Deft and the young person of the Rep it (well-known also like Girl with turban). That is to say, perhaps both square more admired of the mature Vermeer. The second served as inspiration for a novel that was taken as well as it bases, makes a pair of years, for a well-known film.

Otrosí, you remember that the Mauritshuis is one of the most elegant museums of the planet. Between its treasures: almost one twenty of works of Rembrandt. Jo.

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