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Museum of Groningen

This weekend (10 and 11 of April) an important event shakes the dense museística network of Holland. The Museum Weekend or Weekend of the Museums is, that reaches the vigesimonovena edition.

Unlike other similar celebrations on which we have spoken to you, in this case the event is at national level. For that reason it is especially interesting.

Indeed, about 500 museums of all Holland are united to that species of festive recognition before the arrival of the spring. Not we forget that, although possessors of exquisitez own (by works that exhibits and by the treatment the visitor), some of the centers of art of Holland could seem a little carillos a priori (according to is watched, clearly; for example, not much compared and so a soccer entrance costs).

So the Weekend of the Museums represents a superb occasion for those who, perhaps sluggishly, they were shielded in not to visit a museum nor sleepy the price. Otrosí, the motto that governs the event repeats (in view of the success of the past year): the seduction. who does not have interest in letting itself seduce by the good ways of the best art?

The participant museums will have a symbol that facilitates its distinction. The entrance will be completely free in some of them, whereas in the rest will be important discounts. The date implies a series of special acts and performances preparations for the occasion.

The Weekend of the Museums as much secures an absolute complicity by part of native as of tourists. Not in vain, the number of predicted visitors will exceed the million people widely, spectacular number and that speaks to the clear ones not only of the museística passion of Holland but also, and perhaps mainly, of the superb facilities that the country prepares. It is not easy to offer services to more of a million people!

On the other hand, April is definitively of the best months to take advantage of the supplies trips and to travel to Holland. If the flowery Keukenhof already abrió its doors some weeks ago, to end of month the Earth of the channels it will redden of orange to celebrate always cheers Day of Reina. Yes Sir, lives the matriarcado one.

Photo via: arqhys

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