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Museum of Railroads in Utrecht

Sometimes, it rains much in Holland. In any city, anywhere, rain neither does not warn nor either chooses between tourists or residents. To all it comes the same.

it touched to us in Utrecht, indeed the day that we had thought to cross its side streets, to give a stroll in boat by his channels… In short, the normal thing, no.

But good, for the tourists rain is synonymous to go of museums, and in Utrech they do not lack good examples of it. Concretely this rain of spring took to us until the Museum of Railroads of Utrecht, an ideal place for great and small, loving of trains or no. The history of the railroads of Holland is abre before us, with its old woman steam locomotives and their world of railway miniatures.

A trip in the peculiar, educative and funny time simultaneously. Because not only we will discover that one Holland of the old woman locomotives, but also we will be able to raise us one of them, to know the old coalmines that provided the appraised treasure of these machines, and until attending a theater spectacle.

The history of our trip in the time begins in 1839. Imaginaros the atmosphere of that one time, and you will be in the Museum of Railroads of Utrecht. It is possible to be raised the trains and to be seen them on the inside as they were more ago than one hundred years. Even there is an infantile train that makes a small route by all the museum.

This museum is something as well as an funny class of history for smallest. For the lovers of the trains it is an essential visit. Mainly this year of the 2010 when, it enters days 15 of April the 5 of September, takes place the exhibition the Train of Corona, in which the historical trains will be exhibited that have used the real houses of Europe throughout their history.

Trains that go to the present time from mid century XIX. The trains that queen Victoria in England used, or with that the Sissí empress crossed good part of Europe. Doubtless that is an incentive to visit this wonderful museum more.

Additional information

· Schedules: The museum abre of Tuesday to Sunday, of 10,00 to 17,00 hours. It closes the 1 of January and the 30 of April, Day of Reina.
· Prices: Adults 14.50 Euros, children of 3 to 12 years 11.50 Euros, smaller children of three years free. The parking of the Museum has a price of 4.50 Euros.

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