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Picture of Matisse

Space for the agenda of “culture and spectacles? in ours post of today. The scene is the Hermitage of Amsterdam, already you know, the Dutch branch of the well-known museum of Saint Petersburg, and that projected like tribute to the Russian-Dutch connection symbolized in the figure of Pedro the Great one.

The Hermitage with a view to the Amstel was inaugurated not more ago than eight months (although their landing in Amsterdam it happened in 2004) with an impressive sample of the life in the court of the Russian czars. This week begins a second chapter (in that routine of retrospective and exhibitions that characterizes to the museums) not less notable than the original one.

Of Matisse to Malevich. Pioneers of the Modern Art. Thus the event is calld that from next day 6 and to distant September will add sharper to the flavorful cultural farm of the city of the Red District. It is what must be the small brother of authentic parnaso of the painting, as is it the original Hermitage.

Perhaps because the gold is in Moscow, but the art is in Saint Petersburg. And in this occasion they will be more than the 70 works that, leaving the calidez of the matrix, will move until the not less cosy Dutch enclosure. The exhibition articulates around two axes: the French painting, led by Matisse (and the French Picasso, and the Russian factor, with Malevich and Kandinsky like referring.

The included chronological lapse is the one that corresponds with the two last decades of the XIX and the two first of the XX, that is to say, when the foundations are put, nonexentos of certain traumatism, than it would be the modern art.

In fact, with this great sample the Hermitage of Amsterdam is as if it was reinaugurase. Not in vain, their doors have been closed days to prepare the new exhibition. As of day 6, nevertheless, its schedule is the habitual one. From the 10 in the morning to the 5 of afternoon, that extends until 8 all the Wednesdays.

But, besides the main rooms that occupy the exhibitions, the Hermitage is an enormous complex and presents/displays other spaces that are not closed. Thus, it has an audience, stores, a recovered chapel, a restaurant and a precious garden, designed by Michael van Gessel.

In case outside little, the building where it was previously has transformed into a museum for children. Children and adolescents who, by the way, do not pay entrance in the Hermitage. The majors yes: 15 Euros. A little expensive? Perhaps. But there are possible discounts and, in any case, it is worth the trouble. Your trips to Amsterdam already have a new site to enjoy.

Photo via: vox

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