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Openlucht Museum de Arnhem

One of the essential visits that you must do in the city of Arnhem is its peculiar Openlucht Museum. If, I remained just as you when they said it to me. It did not have nor idea to what east museum was dedicated until we went to see it, and the truth I can say to you that the experience was fascinating.

In order to summarize it, we could say that the Openlucht Museum is a species of thematic park of Dutch history. The best thing of everything is than, for which nothing else to make reference to history, already throws a little to you for back the subject, the museum is outdoors, it is not the typical conventional museum of all the life, but the flag of the originality becomes angry here at any moment.

The museum in fact is a species of Dutch town of centuries XVI to the XX. Here we will find of everything, from traditional houses of the time, to farms, enormous mills, pólders, factories… Extraordinary, super a vision funny and pleasant of how it was the life of any Dutch city in the past centuries.

Peculiar visits are those that can be done to the interior of the factories of beer or the one of cheese, to see how it then made these two so typical products in Holland. In addition, you do not create that the production is unreal, quite the opposite. You will be able to taste a glass of beer and a done cheese piece in the museum to the traditional way, everything a luxury.

More curiosities of the museum are to give account us because the houses of different colors were guinea fowl. Each color corresponded to the region in that they lived, reason why were not guinea fowl at random nor as each owner would want to do it. It is incredible to verify how these houses, those of century XIX, as soon as it was a place where it fell asleep, ate and it was lived, and today they are what they are.

Really, the Openlucht Museum de Arnhem is a very enriching experience. Mainly because we have the opportunity to know history Dutch the most pleasant form. A museum outdoors, taking a walk we were doing as if it in a city of several centuries ago. An ideal visit if you have the opportunity to reserve cheap hotels in Arnhem.

Additional information

· Schedules: From the 18 of January to the 31 of March the museum abre of 11,00 to 16,30 hours daily. From the 1 of April to the 31 of October it abre of 10,00 to 17,00 hours every day. From the 4 of December to the 16 of January of the 2010 it will abrirá of 11,00 to 19,00 hours every day, except days 5, 24 and 31 of December, that will close to the 17,00 hours. Day of Christmas and New Year, will be closed.
· Prices: 4 adult Euros, 2 young Euros of 4 to 12 years, and parking 1.50 Euros

Photo Via The Bilinskys

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