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Katten Cabinet in Amsterdam

Many of the great cities keep in their entrails treasures that, in the majority of the occasions, the tourists we remained without seeing, so preparations as we go to see the most well-known places. For example, Amsterdam is a city that is boasted to have a great amount of museums. We today want to pay attention to the most peculiar museums of Amsterdam.

One of most interesting is the Vrolik Museum, that takes the name of the professor of sciences, Gerardus Vrolik, and its Wilhelm son, who also was professor. This place lodges diverse collections of human rest, including a series of samples of parts of the body of a congenital malformation, bones that suffered diseases and some articles of odontolgy.

Evidently, this museum is a very interesting place for the medicine students, doctors, lovers of the anatomy, Biology and until zoology, but for others, a plate can be even from evil pleasure.

Another peculiar museum is the Katten Cabinet, a special place for which loves the cats. This gallery was founded by Bob Meijer, that had a company cat enough during time. Here you will see works of art, sculptures, paintings and other pieces that pay tribute to the cats and its contribution to history and the culture. Peculiarly, in this museum one of the scenes of the film Ocean' s Twelve was rolled.

Another place dedicated to the cats is Of Peozenboot, a sanctuary for the cats that are lost their proprietors or they do not have to it takes care of whom them. The volunteers who work here give to the welcome to the tourists and other visitors, in a species of museum to see cats.

Peculiar, and simultaneously interesting for the lovers of the beer, it is Heineken Brewery, the factory of beer of this well-known mark. Finally, and less peculiar they are not the house-boat that you will see in the channels of Amsterdam. I already know that they are not really a museum, but can serve almost like as marine museum outdoors, due to great the attractiveness that they have.

These floating houses allow to see the style us of life of some residents, that have chosen not to live in a traditional house. The majority of these house-boat is of deprived property, and many of them are rented for the foreign tourists. The history of these refuges goes back to the time at which the retailers of the Netherlands had to travel constantly and to change of house, for that reason they decided to live in boats.

Certainly in any guide of Amsterdam more you will find these museums and many. The Dutch city is a paradise of the museums, and you will have much where to choose.

Photo Via Mirinda the Orange Cat

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