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Museum Frans Hals

Ever since we began our virtual route by Holland we have realized that is one of the most captivating countries of the world. Here nobody becomes bored, has many places that to visit, many restaurants where to eat, stores to go of purchases, and all type of animation, as much by day as at night.

Between all these attractiveness, the Dutch feel frankly proud of their museums. In we have them to Holland for all the historical, scientific, medical, artistic tastes. You want to know which are those essential museums that you must visit in your trip Holland. Well, we presented/displayed some to you of them.

Perhaps one of the most visited and attractive is the House Museum of Ana Frank, in Amsterdam. It recreates the real hiding place in which Ana lived Frank with her family during the Nazi occupation, besides being the place where its famous newspaper wrote.

Another one of them is the Museum of the Army in Delft, an ideal museum for the lovers of the soldiers of all the times, the military strategies, uniform military and other collections. Also they are counted between the museums more visited the Aviodrome or Museum of the Airplane, in Lelystad. Here you will see different types from airplanes, of passengers as as much military, helicopters, small planes, etc…

Another essential museum is the Museum Cobra, in Amsterdam, that shows works of the members of this group, existing between years 1948 and 1951. The creativity of its pictures is impressive. In Haarlem we will visit the Museum Frans Hals. It was constructed in 1862, and it lodges a great collection of this painter, besides works of art of artists who were inspired by Haarlem from century XV to today.

We also visit the Historical Museum Den Briel, that is in Brielle. Before this name Trompmuseum was called, and it was constituted in 1912. In the ground floor we will visit the archeology collections. Also the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, is very interesting the most known Rotterdam. Founded on 1847, it shows to the works of Frans Jacob Otto Boijmans, and those of Daniel George Van Beuningen.

If you like the antiguedades you do not have quedaros without visiting the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden or National Museum of Antiques. It is perhaps the best archaeological museum of Holland, and one is in Leiden.

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