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Castle and museum of Sypesteyn

C.H.C.A. van Sypesteyn was an historical personage who lived between 1857 and 1937. Its passion to collect art works was its main pastime. Thanks to it, the Sypesteyn Castle is home at the moment of a magnificent art work collection (porcelain, clocks, sculptures, pieces of glass and silver, furniture).

The collection is the base of the Museum of Sypesteyn, destined to exhibit works acquired by Sypesteyn but also it is extended thanks to donations and acquisitions of the local inhabitants and the government.

Between the reputation objects that compose the collection, they emphasize the porcelain pieces cooked in Loosdrecht, one of the associated most important destinies with this industry, along with already the famous Delft. it is in Loosdrecht that is placed our castle.

Nevertheless, in the origins the castle was not constructed to lodge these works solely. Sypesteyn had in mind, also, a lavish construction dedicated to the memory of its ancestors.

The castle is surrounded by hoisted extensions, gardens and parks that do to the natural flank of the visit. Near there is numerous Lagos and of a river there, that offers the perfect space to organize picnic and to enjoy the beauty of the environs.

The garden dates from century XVII, and recently was recovered it so that it recovered all the old beauty and the original appearance characterizes that it.

The building of the castle, on the other hand, is colorful and of proportions medians. The same Sypesteyn spent the last days of its life to prepare the place so that it abriera his doors to the public and showed the world the wonders that keep in their interior.

Practical information

• Schedules: of the 1 of May to the 25 of October, Tuesday to Friday, 12 to 17 hs.
• Entrance: adults, 8,50 €; children between 4 and 14 years; minors of 4 years, free.

Photo Via: Eropuit

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