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Port of Gives Helder

The provincial one of Noord Holland is home of numerous cities small and colorful towns that make the delights of the freest travellers. To move in bicycle or car between these destinies is the ideal option to discover a unknown region, to enjoy the free air and to observe the charming Dutch landscapes.

They give Oever is one of these small cities. One is rather a town, in the municipality of Wieringen. The west of the Afsluitdijk freeway is located on the side. Due to his geographic situation, it is closely together of the realized constructions to drain part of the Ijsselmeer in the Sea Frisio.

The city counts on numerous sites to visit. One of most recommendable is Of Hoop (in Spanish, the Hope), a grain mill done of wood on an octagonal plant. It dates from century XVII, more exactly of year 1654, and in year 1960 completely was recovered it.

They give Helder is another one of the destinies of the region, and one is the most northern commune of the province, if the cities of the continent are considered only. It is home of the main port of the Real Navy of the Netherlands.

A imperdible visit is its light, known like Lange Jaap, known for being the fused iron light more stop of Europe, with nothing than 63 meters and less average. It was built in 1877, and put in operation the following year.

Other places to visit in this city are the Kijkduin Fort, dated in 1811. It was constructed by Napoleón Bonaparte. The Museum of Navy and the Museum Dorus Rijkers are some very recommendable cultural visits.

For the lovers of the nature and the free air, the beaches of Give Helder and their circuits for bicycles are interesting options at the time of enjoying the sun and the fresh marine breeze.

Photo Via: Royal Navy

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