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The castle Huis Doorn

The Castle Huis Doorn is in the locality of Doorn, in the province of Utrecht. It has one long history ties that it with enemistades, demolitions and reconstructions, but happily it arrived to the present time so that we pruned to enjoy its architecture and its environs.

It is not known for sure in what year they initiated the constructions of this castle, but it is thought that its antiquity is of about 800 years, reason why can be considered his date of construction in century XIII.

His first owner could have been Borchard van Henegouwen although also he is presumed that Adolf van Waldeck could at first have owned the property. The certain thing is that its structure was rectangular and had three towers of circular plant located in the corners: the fourth corner was dedicated to the entrance inner door that gave access to the castle.

Lamentably, who lived in this residence for century XIV got to enemistar itself with the bishop of the time, so that the castle was destroyed in 1322. It was Hendrik van Mierlaer that, in 1347, secured the permission to reconstruct it.

Nevertheless, it had at least to be rebuilt in two occasions, first in century XVII and soon in century XVIII, reason why its present appearance is enough of the original aspect.

In 1919, it was acquired by emperor Wilhelm II, who lived there until 1941. To its death, in that same year, a mausoleum was elevated, and since then the castle lodges to the Hohenzollern Museum, that tries to a great extent about the life of its last inhabitant.

Practical information

Address: Langbroekerweg 10 - Doorn
Schedules: of Tuesday to Sunday, 13 to 17 hs. Only accessible with guided visit.
Park: the park of the castle is of gratuitous entrance all the year during the day.

Photo Via: Stichting Utrechtse Kastelen

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