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Year 2009 has been chosen by Holland to send a call to show its treasures the entire world, and any connoisseur who appraises of being it, will feel alluded. The Dutch museums are a jewel in already very evaluated museístico circuit of the European Community, and still more now that the Dutch government has invested extreme considerable only in restorations and re-openings.

The Rijksmuseum Museum of Amsterdam is promoting a conglomerate with best masterpieces of its already overwhelming collection. In the wing Philips, it is exposed of the 2 of January to the 31 of December famous pictures but of the country between whose authors are Jan Steen, Frans Hals, and clear iconic the Vermeer and Rembrandt. They are a total of 400 samples of the Century of Dutch Gold.

Of the 13 of February to the 7 of June one at night abre to the sample “the Colors? in the Museum Van Gogh of Amsterdam, title inspired by one of his phrase but famous, in which it affirms that the night it seems to him but enduring and colorful that the same day. And it is that perhaps for our schizophrenic friend who painted with brochazos of sanity, the phrase beyond being poetic was that at night we needed to sharpen plus the eyes and just glimpses the true nature and color of the objects there, without being been relaxing by beautiful sun rays. In the same way, the curadora of this event focuses in thematic of the twilight and the night within its work, and its investigation overcomes to subjects like the tradition, modernity, the relation man-nature and the calm at the end of the day. The result of these investigations generously has been shared in catalogs available the public free of charge distributed, as well as certain literary sources that they have contributed in his sensible formation.

The Hermitage of Amsterdam will be reopened almost next to the Municipal Museum Stedelijk, and in June the Real Palace in completely renewed the Dam Place will be abrirá. Therefore, the cultural supply of Amsterdam is seen more than appetizing, and its taste by the beautiful arts will be more than satisfied. The architecture of the capital is already quite captivating for the trained eye, but still it can hurgar between the medieval cities of Utrecht, the Maastricht and Rotterdam, even, if it likes of the reading it enters trip and it travels, only Amsterdam has in its salary more than 300 bookstores. It does not have to be a critical expert of art to participate in this jolgorio cultural, only needs patience observer and good will then if it wants to be a connoisseur, to know Holland in the 2009 is a good opportunity to begin to be it.

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