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Starred night, Vincent van Gogh

Starred night, Vincent van Gogh

Within the framework of the ambitious known Dutch program like the Cities of the Art, are effective numerous exhibitions in the four large cities chosen like privileged scenes of this project. Here we left data you exceeds they you consider so that them for your trips to Holland of this year.

And to begin we will speak to you than you can visit in your next flights to Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam at present lodges (until the 7 of June) the called sample the Masterpieces, where an ample and complete fan of artistic pieces corresponding to the famous Century of Dutch Gold is exposed. Jan Steen, Frans Hals, Vermeer and Rembrandt are the main protagonists.

If, however, you plan quedarte in some of the hotels in The Hague, takes note since this city is, as well, the scene of another one of the most outstanding events of the country. There an unfolding inspired by pairs of artists takes place who shared their together experiences while they journeyed his life: Frida Kahlo and Diego Creek, Pablo Picasso and his loved Dora, Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock, between many others.

Of fascinating way, it is possible to discover the influences and the meeting points between present styles and ideas in the works of those who shared their home as much as the passion by the arts.

This exhibition is developed in the Gemeentemuseum from the 21 of February, and will be effective to 1º of June of 2009.

Also in the capital of the country, the Museum Van Gogh is home of another one of the great exhibitions in fashion: it is dedicated to the painter whom name gives to the institution, with strong emphasis in the colors and the methods that used to obtain so wonderful works.

Famous to lodge the piece summit of the artistic race of They go Gogh, the Starred Night, this museum will maintain the exhibition until the 7 of June of 2009.

Practical information

• Rijksmuseum: Jan Luijkenstraat 1 - Amsterdam
• Gemeentemuseum: Stadhouderslaan 41 - HV' s-Gravenhage
• Museum Van Gogh: Paulus Potterstraat 7 - Amsterdam

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