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Schermer and its mill-museum

Schermer is a locality of the province of Northern, famous Holland for being home don't mention it less than four pólderes. As it is to imagine, a mill in this place is the true protagonist of all trip, and in addition the home to the museum of the city.

The origins of Schermer go back constantly to a time in which it was not a land covered with crowd, humid due to waters of the river crossed that it, and that soon gave name him: the Schermer.

Over the years, the floods and the excavations realized in those earth finished extending the capacity of the river, that became a lake with exit to the North Sea. The drainage works began in century XVII, constituting themselves in diverse pólderes, that took those terrain to the water and they made them apt for the human life. The architectonic result? Fifty and two mills were erected in Schermer.

Of all of them, they are only still on eleven, that are put to the care of millers who dedicate themselves to them of voluntary way. One among these mills works in addition like a museum, in which the processes of construction and beginning of these colossuses can be appraised.

The water mill that still lodges the museum is in operation, so that it is possible to see in person the forms in which operate. But, of course, neither this one nor the other mills that remain there march by themselves. One of the great wealth of the visit to Schermer is to know the life the millers, that is very peculiar and that, of course, tour about the great constructions that know to handle.

Practical information

• Address: Noorderaart 2 - 1636 VL Schermerhorn
• Schedules: of the 1 of April to the 31 of October, every day, from 10 to 17 hs. ; of the 1 of November to the 1 of April, all the Sundays, from 10,30 to 16,30 hs.
• Email:

Photo Via: Voor Rijksdienst archeologie, cultuuralandschap in monumenten

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