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Teylers museum

The Teylers Museum or of Teyler is oldest of all Holland and is in the city of Haarlem. This place used to be the house of Pieter Teyler go to der Hulst that was a millionaire merchant of clothes and a banker who, when not having to who to leave its money, decided to give it him so that outside used for the arts and sciences. Thus east museum was born.

This old museum has a very eclectic collection that includes fossils, between that is a Archaeopteryx that is the first shortage; scientific instruments, medals, currencies, minerals, paintings and drawings. The Teylers Museum is famous especially by its incredible and extensive collection of impressions and drawings of teachers like Miguel ?ngel and Rembrandt.

The great variety of objects that there are there reflects the eccentric tastes that had the millionaires of century 18 like Pieter Teyler. The main building is constructed partly behind which it used to be the house of Teyler, behind her it is the oval room that is a great example of the Dutch neon-classic architecture, that has in its center a collection of minerals and scientific instruments of century 18.

Interior of the Teylers Museum

Between the things that are recommended to see by their importance and because they are very interesting are the drawings of Rembrandt van Rijn, that is one of the more important plastic artists of Holland, and of Miguel Angel. In the cabinet of the currencies medals can be seen and currencies that are very old, some even have more than thousand years.

The Teylers Museum also is known by the inventions that it exhibits, between that is `Auntie Cor' that was the first clock in speaking. But a most important possibly immense electrostatic generator that it dates from 1784 and that generates electricity. In the antiquity some people were made connect to this machine because they thought that it was good for the health.

Photo 1 Via: Edi Weissman

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