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Mondrian house

The Mondrian House is the unique museum in all Holland dedicated to the constructive and concrete art. This house, where where painter Piet Mondrian was born in 1872 and spent his first years of life, it is located in the city of Amersfoort. Associate to this building added a Christian school of primary education that the father of the painter directed.

The building in which is at present east Museum is very beautiful and historical. Nevertheless, at the times at which Piet Mondrian next to its family lived, the place was in very bad conditions. The father the painter even said in a letter that the house was full of fungi and that their health and the one of their family ran a risk, reason why they decided to leave it.

Luckyly, the Foundation House of Mondrian obtained its restoration during years 90 and more things were being added to him little by little, like a Center of Documentation, until the 2001 it became the Museum dedicated to the constructive and concrete art that is today. Reason why they have had to him to make new adjustments like putting an elevator and isolating the rooms to put conditioned air, turns which it into one of most modern of the time.

In the place where before it was the patio of games of the school of the father of Mondrian, now it is possible to be enjoyed a Coffee and a store. The coffee is really beautiful and allows that the visitors enjoy a relaxation time, in addition can be rented for meetings. In the store they are possible to be bought pósters, postal, CDs, artistic books of art, catalogs and gifts. In addition graphs and small works of art of contemporary artists can there be bought.

The Mondrian House has three collections: collection IDAC, the one of the Institute of Collections of Holland and the own one. The heart of the own collection is the work of contemporary artists, who work more by the line of the geometric and abstract art that own Mondrian, which in other words means what at the moment we know as constructive and concrete art.

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