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Museum of the American Pilgrims

Inside an historical residence magnificently preserved, the Museum of the American Pilgrims of Leiden is one of the most beautiful sites to visit in the city. The building was constructed between years 1365 and 1370 in the neighborhoods of the tower of the clock of the Hooglandskerk Church.

This museum narrates the history of the founders of the New England. Its collection includes furniture, documents, pictures, maps of centuries XVI and XVII and recorded of important artists and illustrious personages, among them Gérard Mercator.

The contact with the sheltered Menonitas Dutch and the Calvinistas in these earth, had great influence in the American Pilgrims. Its tradition of tolerant conduct found its roots in cities like Leiden, and the colonial culture that took to the new continent sees reflected in its deep respect of the customs and the festivals.

Customs like the civil marriage and the celebration of the Day of Thanks were part of the cultural baggage that the Pilgrims took with himself when they embarked in the direction of distant American earth. When arriving at the coast and settling down in an establishment, they founded the New England, one of the most typical cities of the United States.

During years before they initiated the trip, they lived in I exile in Leiden, where it was developed and one settled down with much force the base of his culture and the enrichment thanks to the proximity with other groups that were in similar situations.

From 1997, the Museum of Leiden works for charity like a cultural institution that guards by the conservation and the diffusion of the knowledge about the history of the pilgrims. Especially, it looks for to show the real facts that often they are hidden behind the beliefs and the myths that surround this old community.

Practical information

  • Address: Beschuitsteeg 9, Leiden.
  • Schedule: of Wednesday to Saturdays, 13 to 17 hs.
  • Entrance: 3 €
  • Email:

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