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Year 2008 is very special for the capital of Holland. Amsterdam divulges its secrets in an extraordinary presentation that is based on four fundamental pillars: museums, podios, history of the city, and fashion and design.

Museum of the tulips, Amsterdam

Museum of the tulips

With the name of the hidden treasures of Amsterdam, this year the Office of Tourism and Congresses of the city shows the national and foreign public the most surprising cultural and tourist, historical and contemporary attractions.

Between the museums that form part of the organization is the Museum Ons Lieve Heer op Solder. This establishment is dedicated to the clandestine centers of Amsterdam. It accompanies the Tassen Museum - or Museum of the Purses in Herengracht, and Amsterdam Tulpen Museum - Museum by the Tulips, closely together of the house of Ana Frank.

The category of Podios is integrated by the Monday Match of the theater of jazz Het Bmhuis, the Koorzaal - Room of the round Choir located in the cellar of the Concertgebouw and the Melkweg theater, in the last floor of podio of MGP international.

As it leaves from the History of Amsterdam they organize excursions in bicycle, boat or on foot by places of the city that have been to the margin of the general knowledge. The beguine convents in the Jordaan district compose the group of chosen sites, next to the Bethaniënklooster, in the red district, that dates from 1462. There concerts of classic music and jazz are celebrated periodically.

September will be the “Month of Diseño in Amsterdam?, and numerous designers will present/display their works to the community. Also one will put the center in the architecture of the city, surprising innovator and.

The tourism agencies offer very diverse packages of excursions. Among them, some as original as that one that crosses each place in which Ronda was exposed at night, of Rembrandt, or the one that proposes a visit to the museum that recreates a house established in a boat, to undergo the particular situation to live in open sea.

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