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Been born in Utrecht, in 1927, Dark brown Dick is an inescapable exponent of the art and contemporary Dutch Literature. Author of illustrated fairytales, strip cartoonist and illustrious personage of Holland, was honest in 2006 with the foundation of a museum that takes its name, in the city saw that it be born.

The work of Dark brown Dick is inevitably ligature with the figure of Miffy. The likeable conejita, drawn with single-wire lines and carrier of a great and small enchantment that enternece to, was born in 1955. It went while it related to his son about a small rabbit that had seen in the street that Dark brown gave life to Nijntje for the first time, its name in Dutch.

From February of 2006, the work of this famous artist, successful in the market and ocurrente in its factory, is exhibited in permanent form in Dark brown Dick Huis, the museum mounted for such aim. Than 100 books more illustrated, the design of 2,000 covers, hundreds of posters, postal and all luck of graphical elements meet for the first time so that it enjoys them to the public.

The retrospective proposal repair to the visitors until the first brush-strokes of Dark brown, and even more back, to his first red works. Bocetos and documents of all type comprise of a collection that it looks for to show the evolution of the production of the artist.

Other outstanding personages of their creation will also have an outstanding place. Photographies and films projected in continued will allow an approach to the surprising art of the simplicity, that identifies the works of Dark brown from its beginnings to the present time.

The Museum of Dark brown Dick - or Dark brown Dick Huis- is inside the Centraal Museum de Utrecht, that lodges works of the most prestigious Dutch artists, transcendental chapters of the history of the nation and the greatest collection of designs of Rietveld.

Practical information

  • Address: Agnietenstraat 2
  • Schedules: of Tuesday to Sundays, 10 to 17 hs.
  • Entrance: adults, 8 Euros; children, 2 Euros.
  • Email:

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