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The University of Groningen is one of most prestigious of Holland. Its museum is also an outstanding institution, that exhibits the most extraordinary treasures of this old house of studies. More than four centuries of history they make of this university a jewel coffer for scientists worldwide, and of course for the public generally.

The medicine collection is probably one of most impressive of the museum. Guard documents and objects that date from 1614, when the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen abrió its doors. Official clothes, decorations, paintings and scale models of the human body used by professors and students during years are exhibited there.

The psychology collection is younger. It has his beginnings in 1892, and is of great interest by the diverse instruments of evaluation that went away happening throughout the time. Techniques that today are considered obsolete were sometimes the most accurate studies with those than it was counted. The first laboratory of experimental psychology of Holland worked in Groningen.

One of the most colorful collections is without doubts the one that corresponds to the life of the students. Documents, photos, laminae, clothes and all the attires used by the students during the festive dates are part of the heap. The flag given to the voluntary students who kept the accesses to the fortified city, in 1672, is a stirring historical testimony.

The ethnological collection also emphasizes by its diversity and scientific value. Than 10,000 objects found more in the most remote places of the world they compose the four pillars of this series: the collection Goes Baaren, that corresponds to the permanent, the collection of Prinsessehof, in the city of Leeuwarden, also permanent exhibition, the collection of the old Museum of Tropical Agriculture, of the city of the realized Deventer, and later acquisitions as of 1972.

Practical information

  • Address: Oude Kijk in' t Jatstraat 7 - 9712 EA Groningen
  • Email:
  • Schedules: of Tuesday to Sunday, 13 to 17 hs.
  • Entrance: adults, 2,50 Euros; children up to 10 years, free.

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