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The Museum of the Railroads of Utrecht

Utrecht, like Amsterdam, counts on a “district of the museums? that lodges to the great majority of the museums of the city. In this Museumkwartier, the seven museums meet in center historical of the large city, in company of the channels, the great hidden gardens, the medieval galleries and houses and churches that compose their historical patrimony.

The seven museums that are located in this zone are part of a great fan, that goes from the most traditional Central Museum and University Museum, to others more strongly thematic like the Museum of the Catharijne Convent and the Museum of the Railroad of Holland.

Numerous coffees and specialized stores coexist with these buildings, doing of this part of the city a universe to discover for any tourist. Without doubts, nothing better than to cross it on foot, and in such case can be realized a route of one hour in charge of the RonDom Center, dedicated to the visitors of Utrecht.

All these organized strolls put thematic emphasis in a special one of the district of the museums. An interesting wire is constituted by the design, and has soothes in each one of the seven museums. In his interior, it is possible to acquire seven types of glasses, each dedicated to one of them.

In the museum and Sonnenborgh observatory, the glass of the Tower the Sunday, highest of Utrecht is sold. In the University Museum, is on sale a peculiar glass that brings the instructions to obtain colors using the light. In the Museum of Native Art, the water glass contains gorgeous extracted real picture images.

The glass of liquor of the Museum of the Railroads has a contour that makes reference to the wagon of a locomotive. In the Convent of Catherine, a chalice inspired by the pertaining ones to century XVIII can be bought. If is reversed it, the part of the foot also serves like candelabrum.

In the Central Museum, the glass is work of designer A.D. Copier, and was titled Gildeglas. It takes his recorded company/signature. Finally, in the Museum of the Organillos and the Carrillón, it waits for an elegant glass to us of champagne, with a celestial base and a small metallic piece, like which they have the small bells, that sound whenever we raised the glass.

Photo Via: Virtual Tourist

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