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Museum of the Policia<br/>

The city of Apeldoorn is well well-known in all Holland for being home of Apenheul, a peculiar thematic park dedicated to the monkeys of the diverse species. This magnificent proposal, so acclaimed by smallest, is complemented with another one, forming an ideal stand for casks to enjoy in family of a stroll by the city.

Nederlands Politie Museum, that is to say, the Museum of the Police of Holland, is a recreational park that offers all the necessary one so that great and small they spend a day unforgettable. The interactive experience is what characterizes to this place, although also offers a exhibition that approaches two hundred years of history of the Dutch police.

The strangers - and many of them likeable uniforms that the officials two centuries ago used and the modern automobiles that are to their disposition in these days comprise of the same collection. Retorts of arms, photos, shields and until old masks: not only they are there for observing them, but also to amuse themselves and to learn with them.

The surprising motorcycles of the police are available to mount them and to imagine that the wind blows strong in the face while we go to the hunting of some malefactor. Inside the patrol crafts, the sophisticated technological pieces that the officials use are an interesting form to know their task.

And what better than to continue crossing the museum with all the appearance of a police. Caps and uniforms to size will cause that the wicked visitors can imagine how would be to transform itself into guardians of the law when they are majors. The game of the detective is without doubts most popular: all will have to collaborate to solve the crime that has been committed in the museum!

To take fingerprints and to detect suspicious footsteps are old used techniques to give with the fugitive ones. They escape very to haste? … Then to rise the helicopter will help to go after them to greater speed.

Without a doubt, a day in this museum is a day that you will not forget.

Practical information

  • Address: Kanaal Noord 65 - 7311 p.m. Apeldoorn
  • Email:

Photo Via: Baldinet

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