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Hoorn, Westfries Museum

The city of Hoorn is characterized for being a city Dutch, very typically depositaria of its more ingrained customs, but without the quota of color that many of them offer, and whom so much most of separates to them from the daily life of the rest of the country.

The fertile water fields, never little, and the inner docks that extend next to traditional villages are part of this beautiful large city, that gives a clear vision to us of the life according to passes in Holland. The tracks for bicycles are infaltables, since this it is the means of transport more used by the local inhabitants.

A visit that you are not due to lose is the one that can be realized to pólderes of Beemster. These fragments of earth gained to the sea, so common in all the territory and so significant of the eternal fight of the Dutch against the advance of waters, were classified by UNESCO like Patrimony of the Humanity in 1999.

They date from century XVII, and the criterion for the inscription includes the creativity of the construction, in as much it responds to real and urgent needs to stop the floods. It allowed to conserve the docks, the fields and the ways surround that it, and in addition represent a little while of great economic expansion.

The lovers of history, will very be taste in Hoorn. Two museums also summarize the most excellent facts and passing of the daily life in the city.

First of them it is the Westfries Museum, that works in the old building of the city council. Constructed in 1632, it counts on a facade decorated with from Leon and the shield of arms of the city. In their interior, the immense rooms and the cellars with secret entrances were witnesses of debates between the high spheres of governors, who discussed about the state of the commercial relations, especially at the time of the Company of the Indians.

Much more recent it is the Twintigste Eeuw, that works in two cheese warehouses, in the port of Hoorn. From 1994, it exhibits audio-visual material about the prosperous one passed of the city. A scale model shows its appearance, as it was in 1650. A wonderful trip in the time.

Practical information on the Westfries Museum

  • Address: Rode Steen 1 - 1621 CB Hoorn
  • Email:

Practical information on the Museum Twintigste Eeuw

  • Address: Bierkade 4 - 1621 SEE Hoorn
  • Email:

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