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Museum of Sciences NEMO, Amsterdam

In 1997, Amsterdam added another fantastic attraction to his already releases list of interesting and surprising proposals for the travellers and the inhabitants of the city. NEMO, a sophisticated and modern scientific and technological center, has their doors abiertas to the public so that all we pruned to astonish to us with the wonders that provide to us the future.

Renzo Piano, who had to its important position monuments like the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyons, the cultural center Tjibaou de Nueva Caledonia and the Pompidou, in coresponsibility with other outstanding architects, was the one who the design of the building realized that lodges to NEMO.

The view of its work is magnificent. One is the prow of a boat that truly gives the impression to be emerging from waters, with an impressive green color. In order to reach the highest part of the building, it is necessary to raise stairs and to cross a pedestrian bridge. Thence, they are obtained beautiful panoramic from the city and its old helmet.

In the interior, the Museum of Sciences NEMO approaches different thematic: communication, technology, energy, each of them dealt with depth and empirical rigor. Everything passes like in an immense machine of the time, that takes to us until years to come through the three floors of fixed exhibitions.

The propose activities include diverse games, like Superbanquero, where great and small they strive to make “money?. Phenomena are another sample, inaugurated in the year 2000, that defies the senses: the light, the sound and the energy are made presents there.

The playful and pedagogical spirit of NEMO, that was baptized in honor of the adventures narrated by Julio Bern, catches the interest of the public. When finalizing the route, what better than to rest in the tile roof, enjoying picnic the best views from Amsterdam on our feet.

Practical information

  • Address: Oosterdok 2 - Amsterdam.
  • Email:

Photo Via: MundoCity

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