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Of Waag in Deventer 

The city of Deventer is between oldest of Holland. It is surrounded by numerous towns, some of medieval them, who conserve all the traditional spirit of their population. In the last years, the urban construction has known to offer to this wonderful destiny a quota of modernity that turns today it into a true point of tourist interest for all the pleasures.

In the city of Deventer, it is possible to approach his history and its culture of a very special way. Of Waag it is the building that lodges the Museum of History and the Tourist Information bureau. In the floors superiors a magnificent collection is exhibited that reflects the past of the region.

In the ground floor it is possible to know the excursions that take to us to cross the territory. The old helmet that surrounds to By Waag is of an exquisite and typically Dutch architecture. Beyond the urban limits, the towns of Diepenveen, Schalkhaar, Bathmen, Lettele and Okkenbroek are accessible in bicycle, and by these footpaths in which it reigns the nature we will still be with medieval churches and old woman familiar farms in operation.

Referring an inescapable one of Deventer is the IJssel river. Their margins are the ideal place to relax, and it leads us to a ferry to the other border, where is the Worpplantsoen park. This magical site lodges an authentic mill, Bolwerksmolen call.

The modern attractions of the city are headed by the stores. Many of them, in fact, are true monuments that in our days were adapted to the present needs. Nevertheless, Fridays and Saturdays in the place Of Brink, against the Grote Kerkhof, the great and traditional markets are developed outdoors.

In the last years, to numerous centers of training and sport complexes have been constructed. Of Scheg he is most famous of them. From skate to table tennis, all the imaginable activities can be in this recreational center.

Practical information envelope Of Waag

  • Address: Brink 56

Practical information envelope Of Scheg

  • Address: Piet van Donkplein 1

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