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Museum of art Boijman, Rotterdam

Sculptures and pictures, in the Boijman Museum

A classic route in almost any city that one visits is to know the museums most outstanding. One is about an interesting strategy and a good form to include/understand the local culture, because in these enclosures dedicated to sciences, history and the arts are reflected the emblems that identify the villagers. We now visit some of most important of Rotterdam.

The Historisch Museum - it is to say, the Museum of History works in one of the few old buildings that remain still on in the city. Surrounded by modern constructions, the small palace contains documents, pictures and engravings that allow us to approach to us the past Dutch. In the first plant the ways of life of the inhabitants of the city in centuries XVIII and XIX recreate.

The Ethnographic Museum is another one of most excellent of Rotterdam. The most remote and exotic sites of the world meet under the same ceiling, and this interesting enclosure takes to us of trip by Africa, Asia and Europe, to know Islamic Tibet, Indonesia, China and countries, with its peculiar customs. In addition, Turkey and the Netherlands also have their place in the Palace of Viaje, thought for smallest and accompanied by a theater.

The Boijman Museum is a temple for the arts for all time. The collection includes works donated by deprived collectors, between whom it tells to a jurist of Utrecht become fond of by the porcelain and the painting of century XIX. The most outstanding works are the three Marias in Santo Sepulcro, of the brothers Go Eyck, the prodigal son, of Hieronymite Bosck and the Titus in the writing-desk, of Rembrandt. The modern painting section offers works impresionist, expresionistas, surrealistic and pertaining to the post-war period art.

Practical information on the Museum of History of Rotterdam

  • Address: Korte Hoogstraat 31.
  • How to arrive
    • In Meter: lines Erasmus and Caland, Beurs shutdown.
    • In street car: lines 1, 8, 20 and 22.

Practical information on the Ethnographic Museum

  • Address: Willemskade 25.
  • How to arrive: in street car, line 5.

Practical information on the Boijman Museum

  • Address: Museum Park 18-20.
  • How to arrive
    • In Meter: Eendrachtsplein station.
    • In street car: line 5.

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