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The Return to Spain is a cycling competition that has its beginnings in 1935. Since then, thousand of become fond of young people and cyclists they meet to dispute a race by stages that a duration of approximately three weeks has.

In the edition of this year, that will take place in August, the departure place will be the province of Drenthe, reason why the Dutch government is realizing the cultural preparations for numerous congresses, seminaries, activities and of entertainment that will be developed with regard to the released one of the competitors.

The project was presented/displayed the 28 of January in the Fair the International of Tourism, when it announced that Assen, the Dutch city, will be the point of beginning of Return 2009. This will happen day 29 of August, in the circuit of motociclismo of the city, that is recognized international level by the emblematic competitions that have taken place there.

And, in truth, the election has been very right. Because Holland, as all we know, is a country where the bicycle is the used vehicle more. The statistics indicate that the average is of a bicycle by inhabitant, which would mean that really the Dutch are very few that do not cross their city in two wheels.

The government of Holland also will develop numerous events in Spain, informative as as much cultural, to approach both towns about an event that will have aim day 20 of September, in the city of Madrid.

More than 3266 kilometers they will be the routes by the cyclists this year, of which more than 400 they correspond to the Dutch territory, in a circuit that includes Assen, Emmen, Zutphen and Venlo. Thence, it continues towards Liege, in Belgium, finally to arrive at Spanish territory, in Tarragona.

Thence, the main destinies in Spain are Valencia, Murcia, Granada, Cordova, Ciudad Real, Toledo and, the final goal, Madrid. Many are those that they plan and they take advantage of different supplies from cheap trips to follow all the route and thus enjoy more intensely this Cycling Return to Spain.

Photo Via: Pure cycling

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