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Museon, The Hague

The Museon de The Hague was born like a scholastic museum, devised by Frits Paaschen, director of the newspaper Of Is Avondpost. Its intention was to found an institution on which the educational ones could introduce to their students in the wonders of natural sciences of dynamic and funny way.

Thus, in 1904 the collection abrió its doors, and since then it has not stopped growing. At present it counts on 18 permanent rooms of exhibition and numerous temporary samples, besides activities for smallest.

To cross all the collections in these lines would be impossible, so that we are going to name them and soon to know some most spectacular: Justice and peace; Earth high/low earth; Volcanos and earthquakes; The Netherlands, land of the water; The tropical forest; Water and fire; Romans after dunes; Old Egypt; The Prehistory of the Netherlands; The day to day during the occupation; Children in the war; In house in another planet; Indonesia.

All these samples have their particular enchantment, and wake up the great and small admiration and the astonishment of. One of most impressive is, without doubts, Children in the war, even though is the thematic one from a perspective adapted for the students about the first years schooling. Histories, objects and photographies document, next to audio-visual material, the way in which the war affects the life of its defenseless victims.

With a very different registry, Indonesia sets out typical elements of the Hindu culture, old bronze sculptures, masks and the existing relation between the life in this distant region and Dutch historical happening.

The Netherlands, land of the water, shows the importance of the tide in the economic and cultural development of the zone, something very present in the architecture, the engineering and the daily life of Holland. Its fight against the floods and their advantage of the fertility that these provide to the territory is the axis of this room.

Practical information

  • Address: Stadhouderslaan 37 - The Hague
  • Entrance: adults, 6 Euros; children of 4 to 11 years, 3 Euros.
  • Schedules: of Tuesday to Sunday, 11,00 to 17,00 hs.
  • How to arrive… In street car it takes line 17 and in bus line 24.
  • Supplies of hotels in Holland in which to reserve lodging.
  • Official Web:

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    26-08-2008 @ 11:59 a.m.
    Them claim please makes me inform to me, about a sculptural work, realized by my father, the Mexican sculptor, Germa'n Fortified height, which was acquired by the Honorable Dutch Government, around 1960.
    Title of Obra: Abstract head
    Technique: red America stone, charts direct.
    Dimenciones approximate: 90 cm. X 60 cm. X 20 cm.
    Date of accomplishment: 1958-1960 approximately.
    The work was acquired through the Honorable Dutch Embassy, in Mexico, D.F. That was in charge of the operation was Mr. Ten Broeck, cultural aggregate of its Honorable Embassy.
    The reason of requesting this annoyance to them, is that it is preparing a reasoned catalog of all the work of the Sculptor and Painter Germa'n Fortified height, in Mexico.
    In case of not having you this information, will be thankful to them much inform to me I can obtain where it.
    Thank you very much and I am kind to its news.
    They receive a respectful greeting.
    Javier G. Fortified height

    04-05-2009 @ 2:40 a.m.

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