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Museum Kroller-Muller, Otter it, sculptures, Goes Gogh

Sculpture of the garden of the museum

The small town of Otter it is part of the province of Gelderland, and is home one of the more important painting collections of Vincent van Gogh of Holland - later of the Museum Van Gogh, by assumption. The garden, filled with sculptures, is another one of the attractions of this fantastic place, that right now we will know.

Helene Kröller-Müller, that gave name to the museum, lived between 1869 and 1939. Throughout these years, it knew to construct an impressive collection of almost 11,500 pieces of art, that it acquired with the money that his husband won like director of an important marine company.

In 1938, with Helene like director, the Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller abrió to its doors, doing reality a dream that it lodged during long time. After its death, the institution continued growing, and besides the extension of some rooms, the garden of sculptures saw surprising be increased its collection, until becoming one of greatest of all Europe.

The history of the collection begins in 1907, when Helene acquired Train in Landscape, a magnificent work of Paul Gabriel. H.P. Bremmer was transformed soon into its personal adviser, and often he was envoy by the Kröller marriage to galleries of art of all the country to obtain pieces chords to the collection that was being developed.

Thus, the artistic heap grew quickly, and the architect Henry goes of Velde added itself like adviser of the Kröller. Thanks to him, Helene realized in 1922 its last great acquisition: Him Chauhut, of the Georges Seurat. The recession strongly affected the economy of the company of Kröller, and to conserve united the Helene collection it decided to donate it to the State in 1935, with the condition of which a museum was created to lodge it.

Due to the wonderful location of the building, the garden of the sculptures was abrió in 1961, to present/display in an open-cast exhibition works of Rodin, Moore and Hepworth, and in our days this space is one of the main beauties of the Rijkmuseum Kröller-Müller.

Practical information

  • Address: Houtkampweg 6 - 6731 AW Otter it.
  • Schedules: every day, from 10,00 to 17,00 hs.
  • Entrance: adults, 7 Euros; children of 6 to 12 years, 3 Euros; minors of 6 years, free.
  • Email:

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