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The Hague, scheveningen, sculptures to the sea

Sculptures of Tom Otterness in Scheveningen

The museums not always are those solemn places that exhibit inanimate and remote objects. Next, we presented/displayed three innovators propose to enjoy in Holland.

Noordbroek is a colorful town of the province of Groningen. There is the smallest museum worldwide. One is the Museum of Planchas. It works in a 1576 farm, that is in itself a site of rich culture and Dutch history. The collection is made up of more than thousand old plates and plisadoras that reflect the ways of work of the old employees of century XIX. If it wants to discover how to draw you fold perfect in its pants or skirts, nothing better than a visit to Noordbroek!

Madurodam, the city in miniature of Holland, already is a classic one of The Hague. This city in miniature has inaugurated a new district: the District Sesame. Until the 26 of October the exhibition will be able to be visited, that consists of a room in which the children can know the personages of the televising series. Small and not so small they will be amused in great in this educative and recreational adventure, that abounds in playful proposals for all the family.

In the same you take care of, but more near waters than they bathe its coast, is the boulevard of Scheveningen, a fantastic beach that congregates multitudes every year. In this scene, the organization Museum from Sculptures to the Sea - Beelden aan EEZ has prepared a new sample: Story sculptures of You foretell in the Sea. A balcony, the stairs, the islands, numerous banks and some pedestals were populated with the sculptures of Tom Otterness, a New Yorker who works in bronze and gives finishing of slides shining to his works.

Besides the thematic one, that generally tour around fairytales of world-wide recognition, the works of Otterness are famous by their immense proportions. Of an unquestionable talent, the humor of the sculptor conquers to great and small.

Practical information on the Museum of Planchas

  • Schedules: every day, from 11,00 to 17,00 hs.
  • Entrance: 2,50 Euros.

Practical information on District Sesame in Madurodam

  • Address: George Maduroplein 1 - The Hague
  • Dates: from the 13 of March to the 26 of October of 2008.
  • Schedule: from 10,00 to 18,00 hs.
  • Gratuitous entrance.

Practical information on the Museum from Sculptures to the Sea

  • Address: Harteveltstraat 1 - The Hague
  • Schedules: of Tuesday to 17,00 Sundays from 11,00 to hs.
  • Entrance: adults, 7,00 Euros; children, 3,50 Euros.
  • Email:

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