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Ceramics of Delft, make, visit guided

Per years, the ceramics of Delft has been synonymous of quality and refinement. It is possible to find it in palaces of all Europe, real residences and the castles of the nobility. But to approach her in the place sees that it be born, gives a different meaning him. Main industrial activity of the city of Delft, the colors blue and white make it easily identifiable and they give the distinction touch him that today all we associated with them.

Delfts Blauw - or Blue of Delft it is the mark written that guarantees the origin of these pieces of pottery, besides an indication of the antiquity of each of them. Floor tiles, plates, floreros, vases: in all these forms the ceramic distinguished one in the most distant corners of the planet can be.

Its origin goes back to century XVII, when the international trade of the Dutch Company of the Eastern Indians established forts bonds with China. In this way, the Dutch could obtain Chinese porcelain and thus they began to experiment in its elaboration.

At present, the city of Delft is proud of its incomparable production and invites its visitors to that they enter the fantastic world of the manufacture of ceramics, in the so many factories and factories that are the public open.

Decorated by hand and cooked in special furnaces, the ceramics of Delft requires a careful process to reach the quality standards that are clear to him internationally. The factories Royal Delft and Delft Pottery are a window abierta to the world of the typical production of their city.

In order to enjoy a stroll by the environs, the Delft Blue Line is a program that offers a route in boat by the old helmet of the city and culminates in the factory Royal Delft, with a guided visit that includes the entrance to the factories, the museum and the room of exhibitions.

Finally, the Museum Lambert van Meerten owns a surprising collection of floor tiles, pictures and devices of daily use, located in beautiful halls with the typical decoration of century XVII.

Practical information on the factory Royal Delft

  • Address: Rotterdamseweg 196
  • Entrance: 4,50 Euros; minors of 11 years, free.
  • Schedules: of the 21 of March to the 31 of October, every day from 9,00 to 17,00 hs. ; of 1º of November to the 29 of March, Sundays closed.

Practical information on the factory Delft Pottery

  • Address: Delftweg 133
  • Gratuitous entrance.
  • Schedules: of April to October, 9,00 to 16,30 hs. ; of November to March, Monday through Friday from 9,00 to 16,30 hs. and Saturdays and 13,00 Sundays from 11,00 to hs.

Practical information on the Delft Blue Line

  • Direction of contact: Koornmarkt 113
  • Ticket: 12,50 Euros; minors of 12 years, 9,00 Euros.
  • Schedules: of July to August, every day, to 11,00, 12,00, 13,00 and 14,00 hs.
  • Total duration: 3 hs.

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