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Bergen aan EEZ, surfismo, beach, Holland of the North

Beach of Bergen aan EEZ, the paradise of the surfistas.

The town of Bergen aan EEZ, located in the municipality of the same name, is the province of Holland of the North, and is famous by its natural landscapes made up of dunes and beaches of the North Sea. During century XX, Bergen became a preferential place for numerous outstanding artists, and its work can be appraised today in the Kranenburgh Museum. This beautiful city, perfect combination of artistic and natural wealth, is a fantastic destiny of the Dutch coast.

Nothing less than 25 kilometers of beach, forests, dunes and pólderes with a vegetal wealth and unique animal in the world is the elements that conform the natural panorama of Bergen. There, it is possible to take relajantes baths in crystalline waters, to practice cycling and all type of sports with boats and motorcycles to motor. The surfistas also have a privileged place across of dunes, in the small town of Bergen aan EEZ, in sense the west, that in addition it tells on a sector destined nudismo.

But attention: due to the great amount of tourists who come together by these places, the authorities of Bergen prepared some rules so that all can enjoy the paradisiac panorama. Following them with care, the diversion is assured. Restaurants, museums and places to encamp, besides comfortable hotels, wait there to make of the demurrage in the city a superb experience.

Between the most outstanding museums, the Kranenburgh is, that it lodges works of important painters, writers and architects who, during the 1900 founded the School of Bergen, a famous artistic movement.

Park Meerwijk is another one of the imperdibles visits of Bergen. One is a constructed district in 1915, whose private residences were designed according to the style of the School of Amsterdam. Walking by his streets, it is possible to discover all the magic of this architectonic current. The atmosphere that is created by the conjugation of its style and the natural surroundings surrounds it is simply inspiring.

Practical information on the Kranenburgh Museum

  • Address: Hoflaan 26, 1861 CR Bergen
  • Telephone: +31 72 589 8927
  • Entrance: adults, 7 Euros; children between 13 and 18 years, 5 Euros; minors of 13 years, free.
  • Schedules: of Tuesday to Sundays, 13 to 17 hs.

Popularity: 12% []

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