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A visit to Alkmaar never would be complete without knowing two its more particular museums: the Museum of the Cheese and, in front of him, the Museum of the Beer, are two emblems of the city, besides two fantastic strolls in which they are possible to be tasted the delights that give rise to them and to be amused in great.

Museum of the beer, tavern, Alkmaar, Holland

Tavern of the Museum of the Beer, to taste and to buy.

The National Biermuseum “Of Boom?, or Museum of the Beer of Alkmaar works inside one old brewery of century XVII. There the instruments used for the elaboration of the drink are exhibited, and this traditional process is explained. It is possible to be observed in action the brewing teachers in the plant of work, armed of the barrels and its filling.

One heightens the important place that the production of beer in many towns of Holland occupies, the impact that has had envelope they and his history. In a bar inside the museum there are 86 types of Dutch beers selected to enjoy.

In front of the Museum of the Beer is the Museum of Cheeses, or Hollands Kaasmuseum. It lodges an historical market known as Weighhouse - the house the weight, and in his interior one is to a fantastic collection of tools for the elaboration of the cheese, photograms and related paintings.

Market of the cheese, Alkmaar, Holland

It is possible to be present at the processes that give like result the butter and the delicious Dutch cheese, and Fridays in the morning, between the 9,30 and the 12,30 hours the market mounts. Hundreds of cheeses are transported until there, to the place that from 1953 gives welcome to this traditional event. The market of the cheeses of Alkmaar is one of the four that are in all Holland, and to be witness of its operation is to come near to a strongly ingrained culture to his older customs.

There it is possible, of course, to be chosen between an immense variety of cheeses to buy, and whoever to take a memory of the market they can rise the balance - of a one or in group and to receive a certificate! The diversion is assured in Alkmaar.

Practical information on the Museum of the Beer

  • Address: Houttil 1, 1811 JL Alkmaar.
  • Telephone: +31 (0) 72 511 38 01
  • Schedules: of Monday to Saturdays, 13 to 16 hs.
  • Entrance: adults, 3 Euros; children between 12 and 7 years, 1,75 Euros.
  • Web site:

Practical information on the Museum of the Cheese

  • Address: Waagplein 2, 1811 JP Alkmaar.
  • Telephone: 072 511 4284
  • Schedules: of the 17 of March to 1º of November, of Monday to Thursday and Saturdays, from 10 to 16 hs. ; 16 Fridays from 9 to hs.
  • Entrance: adults, 3 Euros; children between 12 and 4 years, 1,50 Euros; minors of 4 years, free.
  • Web site:

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