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The Maastricht, capital of the province of Limburg, is one of the oldest cities of Holland. Its old helmet, of a unique historical wealth, is conjugated with the modern part of the city, where patent becomes the commercial spirit, and where it can be enjoyed crossing stores and tasting some the delights that offer their restaurants, since the Maastricht is also main a cooking center of Holland.

The Maastricht, Holland

Maastrich is the most southern city of Holland. Their twenty centuries of history are their visitors from the imposing facades of the old helmet, and their small side streets paved with bricks. The ruling prosperity during those times is evident in the majesty of the churches and mansions that are elevated everywhere.

The medieval buildings indicate that still before century XVII, the Maastricht already existed like city. The Roman basilicas of San Gervasio, in Vrijthof, and of Onze lieve Vrouwe are known, and their places are counted between the most visited. For the specialized observer, the German influence in the architecture of both churches will be well-known. In their interior, the atmosphere sacrum and the invaluables artistic pieces compose a set that cannot be stopped knowing.

The modern architecture does not remain back in the Maastricht. The Bonnefanten museum - whose permanent collection includes a peculiar model concerning the city, the old fortifications and the sculptures of church, among others and the Center of Ceramics, tourist information center, is part of the project of urban development of Sphinx-Ceramique, that previously worked like industrial zone.

Another museum of the city is the Natural Museum of the History, whose collections approach subjects like geology, paleontology, the flora and the fauna of the Maastricht. The museum deserves the visit Derlon cellar, that lodges Roman rest of centuries II to IV.

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