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SieboldHuis - in Spanish, the house of Siebold- is today a museum that lodges a surprising collection of objects of Japanese origin, of century XIX, unique in the world. The history there of how they arrived and the present from SieboldHuis is fascinating and invites to an inexcusable visit to this window to East that is abre in Holland like by magic art.

Sieboldhuis, Leiden, Japanese culture

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In 1822, doctor Philipp Franz Balthasar von Siebold entered to the service of the German army in the east of India to evolve like surgeon. Soon he dominated the languages German and Malayan, and consequently he was sent to Japan, whose borders still were closed. Its mission was to collect information of the Japanese islands, their structures political and social, and to investigate about the possibility of expanding the little existing commerce between these and Germany.

As its foreigner, Siebold did not have allowed to receive by the attention that offered its patients, but in gratefulness sample they flattered all type to him of objects. These gestures of gratitude conformed the base of the ethnographic collection of doctor Siebold, who concentrated itself in mainly obtaining plants, animal and tools of the daily life.

In 1829 it was extradited of Japan, when discovering the authorities that a series of maps had in its possession, which was prohibited at that time. One settled in Leiden, in a house on the channel of the city, in number 19 of Rapenburg, near the botanical garden and in front of the Museum of Natural History. Until then, its collection had been conserved in institutions of Leiden and diverse cities of Belgium. In 1831, once reunited, it was abierta to the public, and in 1837 the house of Siebold - SieboldHuis- was transformed into a museum.

At present, and with the aim of celebrating the Straits and lasting bows that unite to the Netherlands with Japan, in SieboldHuis all type of activities is developed whose subject turns around the Japanese culture: photographic readings, exhibitions, temporary interpretations in charge of Japanese artists and exhibitions, besides the permanent exhibitions.

Practical information of Sieboldhuis

  • Address: Rapenburg 19, 2311 GE Leiden.
  • Schedules: of Tuesday to Sundays, 10:00 to 17:00 hs. ; Mondays remain closed.
  • Entrance: adults, 7,50 Euros; children between 4 and 12 years, 65 university student and majors, 4,00 Euros.
  • Accessibility: SieboldHuis is accessible for people in wheelchair.

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  1. [...] The house of Siebold, the museum of more surprising Japanese culture of Europe, is right its to be in the celebration of the bows that maintain the Netherlands and Japan. The activities that are developed there are diverse and interesting, and is highly recommendable to have them in account during the passage by Leiden. [...]

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