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Among others things, Holland is characterized by its significant marine inheritance, product of its geographic proximity with the North Sea. In Enkhuizen, this is shaped of a very particular way. Its Museum of boats in bottle - or Flessenscheepjesmuseum- exhibits a surprising collection that includes varieties and very diverse sizes. A stroll for all the family, in this beautiful city of the province of the North.

Museum of boats in bottle, enkhuizen

During the long passages in open sea, the sailors of long ago began to make small boats inside crystal bottles like pastime to elude the cruel reality of the cold winter in the North Sea. In century XVII, these pieces of crafts were very appreciated and used to be with facility in the offices of the navigation companies, hoarded that them and made of them a part of their image.

The greater collection of the world is in the museum of boats in bottle, of Enkhuizen. More than 500 units they are exhibited, between which models of the marine lines of steam are counted, the fishing fleet, the whaling fleet, mercantile navy and the fleet of rescue.

Boat in bottle, museum of enkhuizen

The projection of sequences that demonstrate how these true works of art are constructed usually is complemented by the presence of an expert in this practice that explains the technique to obtain them.

The museum works in the Spuihuisje sluice, to only 50 meters of the famous Cultural Center Drommedaris. In Spuihuisje, of century XVII, is the floodgate that in 1361 was constructed to control the water flow of the North Sea in the inner part of the port. The facade of the building shows five engravings very beautiful, worthy to see themselves.

Practical information

  • Address: Zuiderspui 1, 1601 GH Enkhuizen.

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