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Summer Carnival

Rotterdam is prepared to live within days in its streets one of the great events of the summer in the city. One is the Summer Carnival, the Carnival of Summer that, trying to be a copy and a tribute to the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, congregates in the streets of this Dutch city to more than 900,000 people.

All come to enjoy colorful the spectacular one which it becomes Rotterdam these days. Latin music to accompany the surprising floats that march past by the avenues of the city. The last weekend of July will be east year the date chosen for the celebration of the Summer Carnival. Saturday 31 of July the great cavalcade will take place in center.

Everything began like a popular celebration between the Antillean community of Rotterdam, that with the passage of the years has been become an attractiveness of international character. From the 29 to the 31 of July there will be dance contests and it will be chosen to Reina of the Carnival so that parade in the great cavalcade. And it is that it will remember all us in this celebration to the great Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

To midnight the streets of Rotterdam will become true discotheques outdoors, with music and Latin celebration. But the celebration will begin long before. For example, the 20 of July the election of Reina of the Carnival, that not only it chooses the woman more beautiful than it appears, but that one takes place that better dance and has more knowledge on the carnival of summer of Rotterdam.

The 30 of July are the day spent for Batalla de Tambores. Four bands are sent to the streets of Rotterdam to be in the Bavaria Stage de Coolsingle and to compete seeing which is the best band. More than one hundred percusionistas and trompetistas that look for to be every year the best band of the summer carnival.

Finally, the 31 of July the great cavalcade and parade take place awaited. After this parade the celebration continues until high hours of the dawn. A great carnival celebration that you do not have perderos if you are between the 29 and the 31 of July of vacations in Rotterdam. Still you are in time to reserve and to look for your Rotterdam flights to be able to be these days enjoying of the carnival by the streets this city.

Photo Via Frenchy Rjp

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  1. Very interesting the spectacle that will be lived between days 29 and 31 of Julio I congratulate and successes, greetings from Peru.

    Commentary by David
    21-07-2010 @ 9:44 p.m.

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