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Festival De Parade

Of always I have considered to Holland like one of the most alive and animated countries of the world. If you have the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam you will see that one is one of the most romantic cities of Europe. Their diversity, beauty and tolerance are three of their strong plates, along with the attractiveness of a great city, museums, monuments and channels that to cross.

One of the best times to visit Amsterdam is between the months of May to September when the city is abre to all the tourists. In addition it is the time at which the best festivales of Amsterdam begin to be celebrated.

One of the first festivales in arriving at Amsterdam is Dancevalley, a festival of three days that is celebrated in the outskirts, concretely in the natural reserve of Spaanwoude in the middle of July. All the lovers of the dance and DJ' s you have an inescapable appointment in Amsterdam, one of the more important festivales of music of Europe.

In August the Lowlands Festival of alternative music takes place, although other visual arts can be seen, like comedies, Literature, cinema and theater. This festival is celebrated in Flevolanda, in center of Holland. From Amsterdam a train can be taken to there, since in the dates of the festival there is gratuitous transport until the zone of concerts.

Another one of the most important festivales is the Kwakoe Festival, that fulfills more than thirty years. One is a multicultural festival that takes place every weekend of July and August in the region of Bijlmer in Amsterdam. The festival includes music, sports, cinema, gastronomy and a great variety of cultural events.

The famous Festival De Parade is another one of the great festivales of summer in Holland. In Amsterdam Martin Luther King is celebrated in the Park, and the art with the theater, the comedy, music and the gastronomy is mixed. He is one of the best festivales to enjoy in the city.

The Vondelpark park of Amsterdam is transformed during the months of summer with concerts of direct music into and street theater, that becomes a people swarm as much at night as by day. If you have thought to make your reserve of flights low COST and to travel already to Holland in summer you know that you will not become bored at any moment.

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