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Today we presented/displayed the juerguista Holland and disinhibited. The station of the dog days to only visits us once a year, five each lustrum, ten in one decade. It seems obvious, but sometimes it is not of remembering it more. Because the summer is, for some, synonymous of knapsacks, festivales, nomadic life and pitanza in the form of bocatas. In a word, the summer is a celebration.

And if it is it in the southern countries, what it will not be in those nations whose moments of solar radiation are the minuses and must to the maximum be profiteers? Thus Holland, that offers to the important young people events that at this point of the year must already be preparations meticulously (yes, yes, soon already we will leave as always to last hour, behind schedule, badly, I drag and improvising).

27 of June of 2010. You do not lose of view this date. It is the day of Parkpop, one of more important the international festivales of MGP of Europe and that, superficially, he is gratuitous. It is celebrated in the Zuiderpark in which it par excellence presumes to be the city popera of Holland: The Hague.

The Parkpop is rare avis of our article. It is not the MGP that says the great referring musical comedy of Holland. For example, four weeks later, the 17 of July, the Extreme Outdoor will take place, in the Aquabest, Eindhoven. Best DJ' s are the protagonists of the festival, whose playera and aquatic location is everything a success. To the lovers of music more hoarsely epileptic they also wait for moments to them of delicate house in which to discover the tactile experience of the life.

Because one already knows that electronic music has caught with force in Holland for lustrums. The Sensation is perhaps the celebration dances with major of number of danceros: more or less all what Sand fits in the enclosure of Amsterdam, in greater the Dutch city with temptations by square meter. It is celebrated east year the 3 of July. Everything an event of music, lights, fires and hallucinating hallucinatory atmosphere.

The Sensation has a schedule, we say, reasonable (mainly if we are vampires). Night begins in the evening and finalizes at daybreak. Not therefore the Mysteryland, that is diurnal, like the Extreme Outdoor. Now we were not placed in any of the great Dutch capitals, but in Haarlemmermeer, large city of little more than 50000 fellow citizens. In particular in its Floriade Park.

He has carps for all the pleasures: he dances, hip-hop, critical moment, hardcore, house, progresive… ah yes, clearly: for all the electronic tastes. If a Mahler goes more something to you as well as (although to whom it could not like Mahler) perhaps you feel out of place. Or no. We are not prejui (or) ciosos.
In summary, four festivalazos like four flashes in the moved one and warm up summer of Holland: you dance, you dance, damn!

Photo via: AlfredlT

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