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21-04-2010 | Souto Alves


The 24 of April the 63 will take place edition of the Bloemencorso, floral parade, that every year crosses the 40 kilometers that separate Noordwijk de Haarlem. In this occasion the subject of the parade is: Kings door Europe, Trip by Europe.

The taste by the flowers, the treatment and the attention that is dedicated to them, is one of the defining signs of Holland. The floral events are numerous that follow one another by all the territory. Thus many small respective localities celebrate their Bloemencorso, among them for example Lichtenvoorde or Zundert, although peculiarly to these they do it cities in September.

Nevertheless, the great parade, by dimensions, colorful, tradition and distance, is the one that the 24 of April will leave Noordwijk Haarlem direction.

The floral caravan will be composed by a twenty of impressive floats and more than thirty cars adorned yet type of flowers. A noisy and funny event is presumed, accompanied by glad music, irreverent but perhaps absolutely insidious.

The Bloemencorso leaves Noordwijk to nine in the morning. Shortly after the three of afternoon it has predicted to happen through the gardens of the Keukenhof. And it will be only six hours later, already at night, when the inhabitants of Haarlem see arrive at the flowery courtship.

To tell the truth the event begins during the eve, the dusk of the 23 of April: the participant vehicles will make a first parade, illuminated, in Nordwijkerhout. In addition, as of Wednesday 21 it is possible to be attended the preparation of the floats and the cars that will carry out hundreds of volunteers. Such preparation already is in itself a great celebration of aromas and color.

In Haarlem the floral caravan will remain exposed in the evening until Sunday. The moment will have arrived then for letting itself catch by this magnificent large city (that some say protagoriana), walk by its streets, take a coffee in the Grote Markt, visit its fantastic cathedral, or approach to us both until some of main museums of the city, the Teylers and the Frans Hals. There is much to see, and very extraordinary, in any typical Dutch locality. Without not even necessity of floral parades, by the way.

Photo via: omroepwest

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  1. One already approaches the anniversary of Holland this 30 of April, many joys and felicidads to the inhabitants of this country.

    Commentary by David
    22-04-2010 @ 3:40 p.m.

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