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19-04-2010 | Souto Alves

As every year the 30 of Holland April is a dyed celebration of orange. The Koninginnedag, the Day of Reina is celebrated. From 1949 the date was made agree with the birthday of the Julian queen (before the day was celebrated in August), dead some years ago.

This so special day for the Dutch has been presented/displayed here in previous editions. What perhaps you do not know, nevertheless, is that the wild and carnival celebration begins the previous night already, mainly in The Hague (not in vain the real family resides there): it is the KoninginneNach, the Night of Reina.

But not only he is that: the celebration exceeds the Dutch borders and thus, for example, this year travels until Madrid. Day 24 the celebration will know a playful prolog in Spanish earth with prizes and surprises. We see.

The 21 edition of the KoninginneNach appears with a really important program if we consider the brief thing of the event (afternoon-night of the 29 of April). All the city of The Hague is let drag by that dionisíaca vein that as much likes of music, the dance and the disguises.

The majority of activities and concerts is of free entrance, although also there is a part of the program that is of payment. The celebration begins almost simultaneously in diverse points of the city. Especially in the Kerkplein, the Spuiplein, and the Grote Markt. From the 19,30 and until the dawn.

Native and tourists will be able to enjoy, without being spent a single Euro, of the music of Dewolff, Expensive Esmerald, or Dick Dale (he sounds this piece to you) among others. Those that is arranged to rascar the pocket will be able to choose between Laura Jansen and Tim Knol, for example.

In addition the 24 to April the tide orange tries to cheer Madrid. But that nobody subject a Dutch invasion of the city of the Apple orchards. The office of tourism in Spain organizes a stroll in bicycle from the Complutensian one to the Place of the King, where it will recreate the Dutch typical atmosphere of the celebration with swap-meets, games and tasting.

It is to review that it enters the participants the event will #***a-refl mng a trip to celebrate the 30 of April in own Holland. In case outside little, at night there will be a concert of Hans Dulfer in the carp of the Race course. Definitively, April thinks about orange. And not only in Holland.

Photo via: quantz

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  1. Koninginnedag, the day of Reina: he is the best thing of Holland!
    Every year they go out all the Dutch to celebrate this so special day and tuna. All Holland gets dressed Orange, its official color… color of which the Dutch are so proud. In this day of the Queen, which is celebrated is the birthday of our Julian Queen, mother of our present Queen Beatrix. The celebration is very peculiar and exists a free market so that anyone can sell in the street which always wants… respecting the site, location of the neighbor. There are concerts, there are D.J' s in each corner, even in the boats that sail by the channels, puestecillos of beer, champagne, etc. Dance, food, drink and much joy. All this whenever the time accompanies. Unfortunately I will not be able to go this year, but I recommend east day to whatever it desires something to him new in my preferred city of Amsterdam. Tot ziens!

    Commentary by Johanna
    28-04-2010 @ 5:42 p.m.

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