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ice sculpture

In one of the brother pages of this one account in years last of a festival of ice sculptures occurred that every winter visit the city Belgian of Sorceresses. Holland could not less be: from the month of November and until the end of February, in the locality of Roermond, it will be possible to contemplate brilliant works of the seventh edition of the IJssculpturenfestival.

The Dutch festival difference of its homonymous Belgian in the fact that he is traveling. Every winter is welcomed by a different city. This year touches to Roermond, small city of about 40000 inhabitants pertaining to the province of Limburg, in the south of Holland.

The subject of the Dutch Festival of Ice sculptures selected for the present year has been the “classic Books?. Fifty artists, with amazing skill, have been able to reproduce scenes and extracted personages of those stories that already comprise of the common heap of universal Literature. Low COST is worth the trouble to take advantage of like minimum some those flights that leave every so often, and also those supplies hotels the city, and to approach us to enjoy this experience in first person.

Alicia in the Country of the Wonders, the Book of the Forest or the trips of Gulliver is only a few examples. The artists of the ice have had to their disposition tons of ice and snow, taken until the enclosure of the Designer Outlet de Roermond.

There an immense freezer or, by better saying, an extraordinary thermal layer has settled under which, the previous days to the inauguration, escultures have given loose rein to their imagination, using for it chisels, trowels and until electrical mountain ranges.

And if ours it is not to be to a several degrees below cero, by much congealed art that offer to us, the province of Limburg offers a profile to us that smoothly rearing itself, in the southern end of Holland, already begins to stop being neederlandés, making possible the senderista practice.

Or if no, city planners as we are, always we can approach to us until the capital, the Maastricht. City of oldest and satately of Holland, with a beautiful historical center, is not lame in any of the incentives that give color typical and to a noble European large city: pedestrian streets, museums, coffees, restaurants, stores…

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