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Christmas in Holland

Christmas approaches, as the showcases of the commercial centers of all the cities of Europe remember to us daily. In short, everyone brings closer the live coal its sardine, and does well. Also we will bring closer the Christmas live coal to our Dutch sardine: why not to take advantage of a traditionally family period for a visit to Holland?

That yes: no longer we will be able to participate in the festival of San Nicholas. The eve of santo, the night of the 5 of December, that personage who dresses white túnica, castrates red and cap or mirra of the color seeds of it, arrived peculiarly not from the north, but of the south, it was throwing of chimney in chimney the gifts preparations during the year. With the aid, clearly, of inestimable the Pedro the Black and its flavorful cakes.

But it does not have well-taken care of. The best thing of Dutch Christmas is about to arrive. If we remained in these dates in some of the hotels in Amsterdam, will discover a engalanada and attractive city with multiple events. It is already possible to be slid on the Leidseplein, warm place in spite of the cold. Another track of skating, with the possibility besides doing it under cover and drinking next a hot chocolate, offers the Westergasfabriek.

The same Westergasfabriek is the scene of a program of activities (music, theater, dance, etc), where they forget neither eating nor drinking, as of day 18 of December. Day in that also they begin, in the Koninklijk Theater Carré, the well-taken care of representations of the wonderful Wereldkerstcircus, an animated circus of Christmas.

Not to mention the Celebration of Winter, of Pink Christmas, the activities for children or the concurred Christmas markets. Nevertheless, not only Amsterdam but other points of Holland is particularly special during these dates.

Scheveningen offers skating, an incredible festival of ice sculptures and, by difficult to think that it seems, the possibility of practicing basic ski with a view to the sea. While, in the Grotenmarkt of the beautiful city of Dordrecht it is taking place (days 11, 12 and 13) the greatest Christmas market of Holland. Besides positions of crafts and gift shops, they will lack neither glad music, nor the street artists nor the fireworks, that like so much to the Dutch.

But in any city of Holland, thanks to such markets and fairs of the time, it is possible to breathe an pleasant Christmas atmosphere that exceeds the purely commercial facet. The Dutch do not fear to the cold. The streets fill of people and the places illuminate by far pleasure.

Here it is possible to be slid under music or to contemplate a species of living Bethlehem, they organize a exhibition of urban art there or they offer a hot plate to us of typical food by a reasonable price. He is peculiar that is necessary to undertake trips to Holland (or Germany or Austria or any city of the north) to include/understand to the aim what was that of the spirit of Christmas.

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