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Festival the International of Dances Folkloric, SIVO

Although sometimes we identified to the Dutch culture and so it happens in the great cities (especially in Amsterdam), the folklore of the Netherlands is strongly ingrained in some cities in particular. So it is the case of Odoorn, where the traditions include typical clothes, local delights and dances with music that has happened of generation in generation during decades. Every year, the Festival takes place there the International of Dances Folkloric known like SIVO.

This year is not the exception, and the twentieth fifth edition will be developed between the 29 of July and the 2 of August. One is a festival outdoors, with six scenes mounted in the dance area.

The groups of dancers will arrive at the city the day Wednesday 29 and they will be stayed in the houses of the volunteers who abren their doors to offer their home them. Between 18 and 20 groups of different countries they will count a total of 600 people to lodge, and other four Dutch groups will also have their place in this event.

Six rounds of dance will conform the festival, besides a previous finery and of a last extra round. As much the opening as the closing of SIVO 2009 will count on a parade of the groups of dancers, dressing its attires dance.

Esteem that 35 thousand people will take advantage of their trips vacations and will arrive like spectators to be present at the great event, that every year becomes concurred more. In the days of the weekend a market dedicated to traditional objects of the Dutch folklore and the other participant countries will mount especially. The market will work in the evening.

The event includes a well-known meeting as Round of the Nations, in which the participants can interchange experiences and put themselves in contact to do of the cultural and a little while socially enriching festival.

Practical information

• Contact: Post office box 5 - 7873 ZG Odoorn

Photo Via: Balkan Folk

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