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Tiel fruitcorso

In Holland it is very common to speak of bloemencorso, floral parades in which numerous carts with the diverse forms procesionan by the streets of different cities near fields of flowers, like Lichtenvoorde, Zundert or Bollenstreek. Nevertheless, in the region of Betuwe, where the plantations of fruit trees are the norm, the parades are organized around another element: the fruits.

Thus, every year in the city of Tiel (most important of Betuwe), a parade is organized with great unfolding that shows the world which also colossal works of art from the harvested fruits can be created.

In truth it turns out fascinating to see the quality, the precision and the imagination whereupon the participants take care to design and to carry out their projects. The results are immense three-dimensional figures of diverse colors, constructed pears, apples, cherries and plums: the type of fruits cultivated in the region.

Tiel is a city located between the rivers Waal and Linge. One is greatest about Betuwe and is closely together of the water resources that make fertile to the earth that cross. In addition, one is one to the oldest towns of the Netherlands. Their origins go back very back in the time, until the time at which it was borders of the Linge river.

Every year, during the second weekend of September, the Fruitcorso is developed. At present, it is accompanied by the Appelpop, one of the more important recitales of music MGP of the Netherlands. The entrance is gratuitous.

In center of Tiel, in the main place, is a statue dedicated to Flipje. Such era the name of a peculiar personage who carried out the commercial ones of the jam that took place in Tiel, but whose factory closed years ago.

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